Car Collision
Car Collision

If you are involved in a collision for the first time, understanding the Collision Repair Process is key. At Harr Collision Center, we help drivers near Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, MA, by breaking down the step-by-step process and providing top-notch service. Let's delve into the fundamental steps of the standard collision repair process.


As expected, the repair process kicks off with a thorough vehicle inspection conducted by estimators at the chosen car body shop. We’ll examine the vehicle to determine the extent of the damage. After that, our experts will fill out all the documentation and paperwork needed.

We’ll capture pictures of your vehicle and communicate everything pertinent to you and your insurance company. This step sets the foundation for the subsequent stages of the repair process.


During disassembling, the insurance provider may request a vehicle teardown to ensure accurate documentation of damage and assess the need for repairs. In this step, our experts will order all the OEM parts needed upon authorization from both you and your insurance company.


This is the most important part, and it’s when our expert mechanics come in very handy. During the repair, structural issues will be addressed, making sure your car is restored to its original, pre-accident condition.

Paint Preparation

After completing the necessary repairs, our experts will prepare the panels for painting and meticulously prime and seal them. This enhances adhesion during the application of top colors and the final clear coating, ensuring a flawless and durable finish.


During reassembling, every final molding and detail piece is meticulously restored to your vehicle. Simultaneously, the personnel assess various systems to ensure the comprehensive functionality of your car. At this stage, your vehicle is on the verge of being fully repaired and ready for delivery.

Inspecting for Quality Control

Thoroughly washed, cleaned, and subjected to a final inspection, your vehicle undergoes quality control measures. Our body shop personnel conduct a test drive to ensure the absence of any driving issues associated with the repaired parts, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and performance.


Following the quality control assessment, the culmination of the collision repair process is reached. You are invited to collect your fully repaired vehicle at the body shop. Here, you receive all the necessary paperwork, along with a detailed explanation of the billing. With this, you can confidently drive home in your car, fully restored to its pre-accident condition.

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After understanding the collision repair process, it’s time to find a reliable collision center. At Harr Collision Center, we are your best choice for collision repairs in Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Our commitment to transparency and excellence ensures that you are informed and satisfied throughout the entire collision repair process.

With us, your vehicle is in capable hands, and we are dedicated to restoring both your car and your peace of mind, using only genuine parts for any repair. Contact us today!