Pothole Damage Repair

There are plenty of adventures to take out in the world, and your car is your trusted partner through it all. While you hope for smooth and safe driving, there will sometimes be those bumps in the road. When a ditch creates a problem for you on the streets of Worcester, Auburn, or Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, you’ll need a team that can come to the rescue.

When you need pothole damage repair, you can trust our team of experts to get the job done. Their extensive training and professional tools make them well equipped to handle the work. Harr Collision Center is your go-to when your car needs some freshening up. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.

What Causes a Pothole?

What Causes a PotholeWhen the temperatures start to fluctuate from cold to warm, roads sometimes begin to break apart. Water that gets through the cracks freezes in place in winter, and when it thaws by spring, there are empty pockets where the road falls in. It’s a weather-based event, but you’ll see them year-round.

When you add in the constant weight of heavy cars driving over weakened roads, potholes are sure to form. Once that hole forms in the road, it poses a danger to your car. You may not see a pothole until it’s too late, especially if you’re traveling downhill. When you hit one at a high enough speed, there are all sorts of damages that could result.

How Can a Pothole Damage My Car?

Pothole damage on your car can take on different forms. It depends on the size of the hole and how your car makes contact with it. Here are just a few ways a pothole will harm your car.

  • Wheel DamageTires: A sudden, jarring change in force and pressure will cause your tires to suffer damage. There’s a chance you could blow a tire outright, losing air and resulting in a flat. More likely to result is a sidewall issue. Check for bubbles that form where your tire meets the wheel. If bubbles are forming, consult our technicians right away.
  • Wheels: The metal frame your tire sets on can become bent or cracked if it takes on a pothole at an awkward angle. A damaged tire won’t roll smoothly and will need a professional to take a look.
  • Suspension: There’s a chance your car will start to drift and pull to the left or right after hitting a pothole. This means that steering and suspension parts have been bent. Suspension that’s out of alignment may not seem like a major issue, but even if you replace a tire, the bent steering will cause a new tire to wear down quickly.

There are multiple concerns to keep in mind after hitting a pothole. While most can be done by taking a look at the area, it’s good to come to our professional technicians for a full diagnosis and potential repair.

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