You might look at a car’s front bumper and think, “That looks really sleek,” and move on with your day. While the front bumper on a vehicle aims to look nice, it plays a critical role in protecting key components of your car.

If the front bumper is ever damaged to the point of needing a replacement, Harr Collision Center can help. We offer comprehensive front bumper replacement near Shrewsbury, MA, regardless of your make and model. Learn more about our services here and book an appointment today!

Bumper Damage

What is the Front Bumper’s Role?

The front bumper of your car is a shield. It protects the hood, grille, cooling system, and even the engine from exposure and damage. It will take the brunt of an impact in a low-speed collision, hoping to preserve the above components. The front bumper can also protect you and your front passenger from harm. As such, front bumpers are considered standard safety equipment.


There are a few types of bumpers:

  • Standard bumpers: These are featured on passenger vehicles, typically sedans.
  • Step bumpers: You’ll find these on SUVs and trucks. These bumpers will often have holes to install ball hitches.
  • Cowboy bumpers: You’ll find these on older trucks. They’re designed to tow heavy trailers.
  • Tube bumpers: Made for SUVs you can go off-roading with and lifted trucks. They’re built on steel frames to lessen the impact of a collision, whether on or off-road.

Having a well-maintained bumper will go a long way toward ensuring your safety and the car’s components.

Front Bumper Replacement

Our Front Bumper Replacement Services

When you bring your car to us for bumper replacement services, we’ll inspect every part of the bumper and the surrounding area to confirm that it needs to be replaced. If it doesn’t, we have state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly trained autobody experts who can repair it!

We’ll inspect for cracks, dents, and dings and assess the severity of the damage. If we need to replace a part, we have plenty of high-quality replacement parts on-site. We also have an established dealership network, so we can acquire OEM parts.

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How to Request an Estimate for Front Bumper Replacement Services

Harr Collision Center takes your autobody needs seriously, and we’re thrilled you’re considering working with us. We recommend getting an estimate before beginning your bumper replacement job to ensure accuracy.

To do this, take as many high-quality photos of the damage as you can from different angles. Then, upload them via a secure link we’ll send to your phone. Once we’ve reviewed all the photos, we’ll contact you with an estimate and a timeframe of completion. If you decide to move forward, you can schedule a time to drop your off car.

If your front bumper is damaged to the point where you shouldn’t drive, we can send a tow truck to your location, or you can have your car towed here.

I Need Front Bumper Replacement near Shrewsbury MA

The team at Harr Collision Center understands that needing front bumper replacement near Shrewsbury, MA, can be a headache. However, our collision center aims to take that stress away from you by offering expert services. Contact us today to receive an estimate and book an appointment.


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