Dent Repair near Westborough, MA
Navigating the leafy streets of the Bay State, you’ve just noticed a dent on your car that wasn’t there the day before. You know the dent needs to be repaired—but where do you begin? From a parking lot mishap to a stray soccer ball, dents are commonplace the longer you drive your vehicle through everyday life.
Fortunately, Harr Collision Center offers dent repair near Westborough, MA. We offer top-notch service that brings your car back to its former glory. Schedule your next dent repair with us and bring back the shine of your favorite ride.

Our Dent-Removal Services

When you visit our collision center, you’re not just another job ticket; you’re a valued client. Our skilled technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to offer paintless dent removal (PDR) as well as traditional dent repair services.

PDR is an innovative, non-invasive technique that restores your car’s exterior without affecting the original paint. This service is particularly effective for those pesky round dents and minor creases. For more severe cases that require additional bodywork or repainting, traditional dent repair services ensure that your car will look as good as new.

Dent Removal
Types of Car Dents

Common Types of Car Dents

Dents can appear in many forms—and in some weird places. The most common are round dents, cease dents, and sharp dents. Although it may not take much for these to appear, you should always consult with our professionals to repair and remove the dent. Otherwise, you risk further damaging your vehicle’s exterior.

Round dents usually occur due to blunt objects like hailstones or rubber balls. They often have a circular shape, and while they are usually easier to remove, you shouldn’t ignore them. Crease dents, however, are more linear and often happen when your car grazes against another vehicle or object. These types of dents can be more difficult to repair due to their elongated shape.

Meanwhile, sharp dents most commonly occur by passengers who open a door into your vehicle. Because of this impact, the metal is stretched outwards and has a high spot with a crater encompassing the location of the dent.

Preventing Further Car Dents


Preventing Further Car Dents

Prevention is always better than cure. To avoid the heartache of dents, our repair experts recommend a few essential tips. Firstly, be cautious where you park. Opt for end spots in parking lots and avoid areas where cars are packed too tightly. This reduces the chances of another vehicle’s door striking yours.

You’ll also want to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles when driving. Especially in Westborough, where narrow roads can be commonplace, keeping a cushion of space can prevent accidental bumps and subsequent dents.

Our experts are happy to provide further insight as well. Contact us to learn more about ways to prevent adding new dents as you drive.


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When it comes to dent repair in Westborough, MA, don’t just trust anyone—trust Harr Collision Center. The types of dents your car could suffer are many, but so are the ways to prevent them. Armed with this knowledge and backed by our expert services, your car will be more than ready to retake the scenic drives of Westborough, MA, dent-free and looking spectacular.
So, if you’ve had an unfortunate run-in with a shopping cart or a stubborn tree branch, remember that Harr Collision Center has you covered for all your dent repair needs in Westborough, MA.