Common Myths About Collision Repairs Debunked
Common Myths About Collision Repairs Debunked

When your vehicle requires repairs, the last thing you need is vague answers and uncertainty. When you choose Harr Collision Center, you receive expert knowledge that extends well beyond the repair services we offer to drivers around Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

No matter what your vehicle needs, we work to repair your vehicle back to its original glamour. Using our state-of-the-art facilities and tools, we work to ensure assurance around the clock. Join us as we debunk common myths about collision repairs. Then, when you’re ready, schedule an estimate to get started.

Myth: Collision Repairs Take Too Long

Understandably, most drivers try not to think about the need for collision repair. As such, there’s a common misconception that repairs following an accident require weeks of repairs. While it is true that severely damaged components will require extra time, the general timeframe for most collision repair is expedited, thanks to the cutting-edge tools and accessories used in body shops these days.

Rather than waiting for weeks at a time, you can typically expect to get your car back anywhere from one day to a week.

Myth: Insurance Companies Dictate Your Repairs

Similarly, most drivers don’t want to think about the painstaking process of filing an insurance claim. However, you can take solace in knowing that although insurance companies often play a part in repairing your damaged vehicle, they primarily suggest and recommend—but you ultimately have the final choice in picking where you take your vehicle.

This is especially true when it comes to the repairs your vehicle needs. We work with your insurance—but we let you make the decisions.

Myth: Aftermarket Parts Aren’t Worth It

If you purchased your vehicle from a dealership, you’re likely driving with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. However, because these parts come from the manufacturer, they’re typically more expensive—and can sometimes nix production for older vehicles.

When your vehicle needs collision repair, aftermarket parts help lighten the load due to their less expensive costs, durability, and overall quality. You have the option to choose between these parts, but if you’re looking to save money, aftermarket parts are worth considering.

Myth: Paint-Matching Is Difficult to Find

Using modern technology and state-of-the-art tools, it’s easier than ever to paint-match any exterior components of your vehicle. On the contrary, dentless paint repair is a common auto body service, which not only matches your vehicle’s original color—but it restores any dents and damage to a pristine condition.

Fact: We Demystify the Collision Repair Process

We’re here for whatever you need—whether that’s service repair or clarification for your peace of mind. Harr Collision Center is proud to staff a team that’s as well-versed in our technical knowledge as we are transparent and efficient.

If you’re in need of collision repair around Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, MA, reach out to us. We hope you enjoyed our debunking of several common myths about collision repair—and if you have any more questions, we’re happy to give you an answer! Reach out to us to learn more about how we help you get back on the road.


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