Body Shop Worcester MA

Our body shop near Worcester, MA, has been a go-to resource for years whenever a local driver needs a part repaired or replaced. We’re capable of working on any type of make or model. Between the certified technicians in our shop and our first-rate technology, we can quickly get you back on the road.

What’s the quickest way to book a visit? Well, our online schedule tool allows you to look at different times before choosing the best for you. If you prefer, you can also call our staff at Harr Collision Center.

Our Body Shop is Backed by a Large Parts Center

Parts Center

The goal of any body shop is to return each car to its prime condition. This can sometimes be accomplished by repairing the vehicle and leaving all the parts intact, something our staff will consider during their inspection of your car. Other times it’s necessary to replace a part that is worn or has received too much damage.

If your model needs a new piece swapped in, we can execute the swap quickly. Our well-stocked parts center is at your service. First, our team will identify what your model requires; then, they’ll pull the required piece from our inventory.

The goal is to match the piece to the exact make, model, model year, and even trim level of your car. When done correctly, your car will look just as it did before the fender bender.

If we don’t have the right piece ready, all we have to do is order it for you. Our dealership network allows us to obtain any necessary parts quickly. Once it arrives, we’ll let you know before handling the installation.

We understand the importance of using parts that suit your vehicle the best and allow for maximum performance quality while also giving you the cosmetic look that makes your ride look brand new.

We Can Provide Any Type of Body Shop Service

Service Center

If you spend enough hours on the road, accidents are bound to spring up over time. Maybe your windshield has a crack, or you accidentally bumped into a curb or street sign while exiting a parking lot. No matter the type of work your vehicle requires, we’ll be able to get you back on the road quickly.

Before going to work, our team will thoroughly inspect your model. The goal is always to ensure that performance and safety are intact, along with restoring the exterior styling. Our certified technicians will make decisions based on the inspection results, such as whether a part can be fixed or needs to be replaced.

After the inspection, we can also give you an idea of how long your car will be in the shop. Everything we do is geared towards efficiency. We can also give you an estimate on the repairs that can be completed and the parts that will be needed to make your repair. We are up-front about everything the vehicle requires and will provide regular updates if an additional part or service is needed as we complete repairs.

Our services can include everything from replacement parts to cosmetic repairs. We can help with undercarriage repairs, fender-benders, more significant repairs from a collision, windshield repair, headlight replacement, and everything in between.

We know that drivers take pride in the way their vehicle looks. We want to help you get that confidence back after an accident or collision and enjoy driving your vehicle around again with a clean and sophisticated look.

Modern Resources to Help Repair Your Vehicle

Front Bumper Replacement

One of the ways we can help you with your vehicle’s service is by providing the latest technology and resources to complete repairs. We strive to stay up to date on best practices to help get your vehicle into the condition it needs to be to get on the road.

From the inspection process to using specific machinery and procedures to complete repairs, we take every necessary step to provide what your ride needs. It goes beyond the parts and the replacements. It is about caring for your ride as if it were our own and making sure that it operates just like it did before your collision.

More About Our Technicians

Body Shop Service

Collision repair is more than just parts. It’s also about the people who can help you get your ride back on the road. Our technicians are here for you every step of the way in this process.

Our technicians are certified and trained to complete auto body repair on your vehicle. We go through regular education and training to ensure we know the best practices for your vehicle’s repairs and utilize resources throughout the repair process to handle any make and model with the level of expertise you deserve.

Our team also puts a priority on communication. We know that your vehicle is important to you, and you deserve regular updates on the status of repairs. You can always connect with us at any time through instant messaging, email, or phone. We will also contact you with any significant updates on the timeline, repairs, or additional parts that may be needed.

We make sure that customer service is the primary focus of our service and repairs. You can always contact us with any questions about service on your vehicle or discuss your options before we proceed with repairs.

Our Body Shop is Around to Help Worcester MA Drivers

When something unexpected happens on the open road, you can always rely on our steady body shop near Worcester, MA. We’ve been restoring models from local drivers for years. So if you need a hand, reach out to our staff or book a visit online to Harr Collision Center!