Body Shop Westborough MA
Sometimes, accidents happen. When they do, you’re left with more questions than answers—and rightfully so. The team at Harr Collision Center strives to bring assurance and restoration at our body shop near Westborough, Massachusetts. We don’t just mend metal and fix scratches, we restore your confidence for the road ahead.
You can rely on us when life’s unexpected turns lead to dents and dings. We carry decades of experience helping drivers like you—so schedule an appointment today to return your car to its glory.

Services We Provide
We offer an array of body shop services tailored to meet the unique needs of each vehicle that rolls into our facility. Our comprehensive menu is your vehicle's ticket to regaining its unmistakable shine around Westborough. From minor dent repair to extensive collision restoration, we strive to be your go-to destination for impeccable results.
Craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology are hallmarks of our everyday service. Through it all, our adept technicians are armed with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every repair task, big or small, is executed to perfection. We invest in continuous training and the latest industry advancements, ensuring your vehicle receives the top-notch care it deserves.

Collision Repair
Dent Removal
Dent and scratch removal is more than a cosmetic fix—it’s a revival of your vehicle’s charisma. When you bring in your vehicle with dents and scratches, our technicians work to ensure your vehicle returns to you with a refreshed and pristine appearance. This meticulous process employs a seamless finish, erasing the memories of any unfortunate mishap.

Auto Glass Repair
A dent-free, crack-free windshield is critical in ensuring safe driving, day and night. Our auto glass repair services remove any blemishes and cracks that can impair your vision on the road—starting with a swift assessment of the damage. During this process, our technicians provide a timeline for the repair, ensuring you’re back on the road with minimal downtime.

Front Bumper Replacement
The front bumper is your vehicle's first line of defense in minor collisions. We also specialize in front bumper replacement to return your vehicle to its aesthetic appeal and safety features. Our expert technicians will meticulously assess the damage, suggest the best course of action, and professionally install your vehicle’s new bumper.

Car Repair Consult
Repair Now, Pay Later
Unexpected repair costs should never be a roadblock to your safety or comfort. Our Buy Now, Pay Later service provides a flexible payment solution, allowing you to split the repair cost into manageable payments. That way, you can get the necessary repairs done without any financial strain.
It’s easy to get started, too: Simply fill out our online application—and that’s it! Once approved, we’ll take care of the rest on our end.

Get a Car Accident Estimate
You can rely on us anytime you need a body shop near Westborough, MA. Here, we’re more than just a repair facility—we’re a safe haven for your vehicle to return to its stellar performance. Whether it’s a small dent or a full-body repair, we carry cutting-edge tools and knowledge to restore every facet of your sedan, truck, or SUV.
Schedule an appointment with our Harr Collision Center team to get your accident estimate. We’ll walk you through the entire process so nothing is left to the imagination. Contact us today!