Body Shop near Auburn MA

If you have a nearby service center you can go to directly after a fender bender, your model will return to peak health more quickly. So if you’ve recently experienced dings or dents in your car, consider our body shop near Auburn, MA. We’ve got the tools and the technical insight to have your vehicle looking as good as new again.

We’ve also got a well-stocked parts center, simplifying replacing needed parts. We have everything set up for whatever your model requires here at Harr Collision Center.

Our Body Shop Can Attend to Your Specific Car

When you bring your car to our body shop, the goal is to get it back to peak condition. This is only possible by replacing worn or damaged parts with like-for-like replacements. Thankfully we have an on-site parts center where this type of replacement is simple.

Our technicians will first inspect your model and determine which parts need replacing vs. which can be restored to health. Once they understand what needs to be swapped out, they can dig into the parts center and match your car's exact make, model, and even trim level.

If the exact fit isn’t in stock, we’ll order it online. We have access to a lengthy network of dealerships and parts centers, allowing us to acquire the right parts expediently.


Replacing Car Parts

Our Body Shop Prioritizes Safety and Performance as Well as Looks

Your car’s styling and overall look are important, especially if you’ve been in a recent fender bender that left a noticeable scar. What’s also important, though, is the performance and safety of your vehicle. All three of these traits—performance, safety, and looks—are prioritized in our body shop.

Even before ensuring we have the right replacement parts for the exterior of your model, our technicians will inspect the car thoroughly. They’ll take traits such as safety and performance into consideration. The vehicle's electronics, brakes, motor, and steering will all be considered.

The goal is to return your car to its original form before the collision. Thanks to our team's dedication and extensive knowledge, we will meet that goal and have you back out on the road confidently.


Replacing Headlamp

Our Body Shop Specializes in Different Kinds of Repairs

There are many ways that your car can be harmed from an impact. Whether it is purely cosmetic or affects the mechanical areas of your vehicle, it’s good to have your model attended to as soon as possible. Our team has been trained in all these different types of fixes, making them your trusted resource for repairs.

Undercarriage Repairs

When there are dips, debris, and other uneven sections of the road, you may feel the bottom of your car connect with the pavement. If the undercarriage of your car gets scraped, it could cause damage to essential components, such as hoses, belts, and metal parts. We’ll lift your car up so we can closely examine the extent of your undercarriage’s damage before determining the fixes it needs.

Pothole Damage

Potholes can form anywhere, and you may find yourself accidentally driving through one. Driving into a pothole at a high enough speed will put your wheels, tires, and even your undercarriage at risk. If you see a bubble in your tire, a bend in your wheel, or other abnormal looks, get in touch with us right away.

Dent Repairs

Whether it was a light post, another car, or a stray shopping cart on a windy day, a dent can weaken the integrity of your car’s metal. Aside from the visual blemish on your ride, dents put the surrounding area at risk of even more damage. We have the equipment required to bend and fit your body panel back into its original position, protecting your vehicle from further harm at the same time.

Auto Glass Repair

Chunks of ice falling off overhangs, pebbles being kicked up on off-road paths, and falling tree branches on a windy day can all take their toll on your car’s glass. The windshield and windows help to protect you from high-speed winds and more as you drive, so getting it repaired is vital. We can see if your car needs a filling for your crack or a new windshield altogether.

Our Body Shop Can Be Accessed Online

If you’re busy and want to reach out to our body shop or our technicians right away, you can do so online. Booking a visit is possible with our scheduling tool. You can also send direct messages to our team. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about scratch removal, part replacements, or anything else that might be on your mind post-accident.

Online Shopping

You Can Receive an Estimate Online

If your car gets into a collision, you can start your process with us immediately. You can request an estimate directly through our website and be connected with one of our collision repair professionals. All you need is your phone to get started.

First, take pictures of your car’s damage to upload later. The more angles and shots you have, the better our team will be able to determine what your vehicle needs. Once you have those pictures, you can send them to our team and request your estimate.

Once you’re in touch with our experts, you can start taking your next steps and schedule your visit with us. Our team will be prepared for your vehicle thanks to your uploaded photos, helping you save time and get back out on the road sooner.


Online Shopping

Our Body Shop near Auburn MA

For the benefit of local drivers, our body shop near Auburn, Massachusetts, has in-person and online resources you can lean on. Our goal is always to provide the quality, efficient care your model deserves.

If you need to stop in for some body work, just let us know at Harr Collision Center. Our team of friendly and experienced professionals is ready to give your ride the care and attention it needs so you can start driving again with peace of mind.