Can You Fix a Bent Car Frame?

One of the most important components that holds your car together is the frame. In some accidents, your car can sustain frame damage, if you hit something head-on. At Harr Collision Center, we understand how to fix a bent car frame. So yes, you can fix a bent car frame! We want to help drivers in Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, MA, achieve this.

We’ll explain what parts of the frame can be damaged, how we can fix it, and the benefits of doing so!

What Parts of a Car’s Frame Can Sustain Damage?

Car CrashIn short, any part of your car’s frame can sustain damage as a result of a collision. There are different kinds of frames in different types of vehicles. So, it’s important to know what kind of frame your model has. For example, ladder frames are still used in many trucks, though they’re uncommon in modern passenger cars.

In a unibody frame-based vehicle, the frame holds the entire body of the car together, as it’s all one piece. If this type of frame is damaged, it can still be fixed. However, your car may still have weaknesses in spots where the frame sustained damage.

As far as specific frame components are concerned, here are some that may be part of your car that can be damaged:

  • Apron
  • Floor pan
  • Hood
  • Quarter panel
  • Strut tower

Can I Drive a Car With Frame Damage?

The short answer is yes; however, it’ll depend on the kind of damage the frame has sustained. If all the wheels are properly aligned and your car has only sustained some denting, it is most likely safe to drive. If you notice, however, that your car continually favors one side, we wouldn’t recommend driving it. Instead, you’ll want to bring it to our collision center immediately, so we can assess the damage.

Nowadays, cars are built with crumple zones that are designed to divert the impact of a collision away from the frame. So, while today’s vehicles are less likely to sustain frame damage in a collision, that’s not a guarantee.

How Does Frame Straightening Work?

Welding Car FrameIf the frame of your car is bent, you can trust that our collision center can fix and straighten it! We follow a very meticulous frame-straightening process. We use a high-tech frame straightening machine that allows our team to assess and repair a bent frame and/or damage more closely.

Our technicians will attach chains to the bent frame to pull it back into place. They may have to weld parts of the frame to make sure it returns to its correct position. They’ll keep the automaker’s frame specifications in mind to ensure that your car drives properly.

While fixing a bent frame is safe, it may not always leave your car as safe to drive as it once was. This will depend on how much damage was sustained. It’s something you’ll want to keep in mind, should you ever need a frame put back into place. As a result, you may need to change your driving style to be a little more conservative.

Can Harr Collision Center Fix My Bent Car Frame?

Yes, Harr Collision Center can fix your bent car frame! Our team of experts will take the time to carefully assess any and all frame damage and do their best to restore it to factory condition.

If your car’s frame needs to be bent back into place in Worcester, Auburn, or Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, contact our collision center today for an estimate!